Living well, staying connected.

We believe in the power of community in Westminster, CO.

Covenant Village of Colorado is built on shared values that we take to heart in everything we do. We go well beyond the care you’ll find in most nursing homes in the Westminster, CO, area. We offer a full continuum of care, with services and amenities that nurture individuality and fulfill needs in ways other communities simply can’t.

Since our pioneering leaders founded the Home of Mercy in Chicago in 1886, we have focused on helping residents live more fulfilling lives. We have built on this great legacy as we expanded to serve more communities.

Our common values drive us to deliver an outstanding lifestyle for all those we serve. We create a welcoming environment that’s more than just a community—it’s a place residents are proud to call home.

  • We believe in INDIVIDUALITY

    By respecting individuals and extending God’s love, we create strength from unity within diversity.

  • We practice HOSPITALITY

    By serving people, we create communities that foster satisfaction and happiness.

  • We support CONGENIALITY

    By connecting people and cultivating friendships, we in order to build more engaged communities.

  • We embrace SPIRITUALITY

    Through faith, we can have a positive impact on all our lives as we age.